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    Kiwifruit Beanie

    The fuzzy brown/grey wool used in the Hayley-Bear hat got me thinking about kiwifruit so here’s my next attempt at a themed beanie. I haven’t decided if I like it or not yet and I may have to have another go at capturing the likeness of the kiwifruit.

    It’s hard to give a pattern for this one as it involved random choices of stitch, colour and spike-itude and I didn’t write anything down as I did it.

    Thankyou to balloonie the balloon for modelling this creation for me.

    UPDATE: Attempt #2 now included. No pattern for this either.


    Hayley-Bear Beanie

    Just finished a teddy bear beanie for Hayley. It was super fun to make, I hope it fits! Brown wool is : Naturelle Chunky 14 ply 100% pure NZ wool. Pink wool is : Mill Shop, Quick Knit 45% acrylic, 45% wool, 10% mohair. (feels like plastic when crocheting though....)

    Approx Size : Small-Medium Women's.

    Pattern Follows: Pattern (In semi pattern-english. This is the first pattern I've written out so I hope it makes sense)

    Teddy bear Beanie
    - Ch – chain stitch
    - Sl – slip stitch
    - Tr – treble crochet
    - Dc – double crochet
    - Fptr – front post triple
    - Bptr – back post triple 
    100g 14 ply 100% wool, brown
    - teeny tiny bit of quick knit chunky pink stuff
    - 5mm crochet hook (for brown)
    - 4mm crochet hook (for pink)
    Outer Ear (Make 2 – using brown)
    1. Ch 3, 8 tr in 3rd ch from hook. Join round with sl
    2. Ch 2, 2 tr in each tr around. Join with sl
    3. Ch 1, *1 dc in next tr, 2dc in next tr* repeat * 7 times
    4. Ch 1 turn, *1dc in next tr, dc decrease next 2 tr* repeat 7 times fasten off.
    Inner Ear (Make 2 – using pink)
    1. Ch 3, 6 tr in 3rd ch from hook. Join round with sl
    2. Ch1 turn, 2dc, tr, 2tr, 2tr, tr, 2dc in next 6 tr fasten off.
    Hat Base
    1. Ch3, 10 tr in 3rd ch from hook, join round with sl
    2. Ch3, 2tr in each tr around, join with sl
    3. Ch3, *tr, 2tr* all the way around. Join sl
    4. Ch3, *tr, tr, 2tr* all the way around. Join sl
    5. Ch3, tr around increasing every 5th (2tr in every 5th stitch). Join sl
    6. Ch3, tr around increasing every 10th. Join sl
    7. Ch3, tr around increasing every 15th. Join sl
    8. Ch3, tr around increasing every 17th. Join sl
    9. Ch3, tr around increasing every 20th. Join sl
    10. Ch3, tr around. Join sl
    11. Ch3, tr around. Join sl
    12. Ch3, tr around decrease every 20th (tr decrease each 20th and 21st stitch together). Join sl
    13. Ch3, tr around decrease every 18th. Join sl
    14. Ch3, tr around decrease every 16th. Join sl
    15. Ch3, tr around decrease every 14th. Join sl
    16. Ch3, *fptr, bptr* all the way around. Join sl. Fasten off.
    Attach Ears to base. With brown wool


    Liana (2011-03-05 09:12:02): You have so good photos!!! But I am sorry-you don't write the size of hat and age of baby/ Can you please write me the sizes of children heads 0-3 m 3-6 m 6-12 m 1-2 years 2-5 years? but anyway You have good step by step tutorial!

    Beverley (2011-03-05 12:28:25): Whoops, didn't realize I'd missed such a crucial piece of info. This pattern is actually for an adult hat. It's small-medium women's size.

    Jen (2012-01-17 02:30:09): Hi your hat, so I wanted to try to crochet one myself. I don't understand how you attach the inner to the outer ear...?

    Beverley (2012-02-18 12:22:42): Glad you like it. When I made the ears the inner and outer ear fitted together quite snuggly, I just pushed the inner inside the outer and stitched both to the hat together by stitching through the base both at the same time, if that makes sense. To build the ears more securely you could try putting them together as I did by pushing the inner inside the outer, then stitching them together around the curve of the ear with something like a whip stitch using the brown wool. It'll be quite visible but if it's tidy should look fine.


    Non bootie crochet projects

    Over the past couple of months I've been trying my hand at non-bootie crochet projects aswell. These are mainly still baby related as they're nice, small projects that keep my interest long enough to get finished. I've also made a couple of grownup hats. Some projects I've made from free patterns on the interwebs (click the picture to follow the link), the rest were crochet-as-you-go sorta things.