Toddler Tee-Shirts

Poor neglected blog. Here I am again. A quick recap of life since March 2011:

I retired into full time mummyhood, Baby Oscar was born and has been growing ever since, I had an unexpected medical adventure which left me banned from driving for a year, we sold our house and moved to Christchurch, now expecting baby number 2. And I guess that’s about all :)

So, throughout all that I’ve had a had a heap of projects on the burner. Some made it to completion and others are still in boxes in the garage, or crammed in bags under the couch. One of my more recent experimentations was with appliqué and fabric painted toddler tee-shirts and sweat shirts. Here they are:

I had fun, but I’m sick of them now. I might revisit this project if I have some more ideas of cute boys shirts.