WP7 Challenge

So, with 5 days before closing I decided to make a WP7 game to enter into the NZ WP7 challenge


This is what I came up with: Fruit Salad.

NZ WP7 Challenge - Fruit Salad Submission Video

Now, bare in mind this is < 5 days development. And that 5 days included learning how to actually do game development in Silverlight and the several hours of freaking out every time it became apparent that my WPF fueled plan was impossible due to lack of <drawingbrush>, <viewbox>, translate transform bindings … so pretty much .. tremble at the awesomeness of my last minute coding skillz!

Application Description:

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is an exciting twist on the typical sorting game, as to play, you need to learn Maori, challenging your memory and dexterity.

When the game starts two kete (baskets) appear on screen, along with a never ending supply of fruit and vegetables. Sorting will depend on the labels on the kete; you might be sorting the fruit from vegetables, or the green from red.

Drag and flick kai into the appropriate kete but be careful, if you sort into the wrong kete, or if you let the kai rot, you’ll lose points!