Crochet Companion Cube

I spent the last week making this for my dad for fathers day. One crocheted companion cube. I took inspiration from a couple of other peoples takes on the companion cube:

One here: A knitted one: And another crocheted:

So I decided to come up with my own pattern for one. Mine is a miniture (About 15cm x 15ccm x 15cm) , as I only had 4 days to complete it and I’m not the fastest crocheter on the block. Anywho… here’s the result, and a link to my pattern in PDF form:

Companion Cube Pattern – Typo Fixed (Updated 21-04-2013)


Danielle (2011-04-29 00:45:27): Thank you for supplying your pattern! I've been searching for a smaller sized one, all the others I can find seem to be making really large cubes. This will make a brilliant gift for my boyfriend, so thank you for giving me somewhere to start with! :D

Shiri (2011-07-06 08:34:14): I love it! I actually saw an idea to stuff one with a cube of memory foamcut to the appropriate size and i think i'll try that!

Alexandra (2011-07-10 13:06:28): This is gorgeous! I'm definitely going to try this out as soon as I finish some projects.

Alexandra (2011-07-11 20:23:23): I hope you don't mind but I'm going to sell completed companion cubes to a few friends, and I will credit you many times over. :)

Beverley (2011-08-21 20:19:39): Hey, no worries at all, you can use the pattern however you wish. Share the Portal love :)

Retsnimel (2011-08-23 04:37:45): Thank you very much for this pattern !

Nichole (2011-12-01 16:24:09): Thank you so much for this pattern! I look forward to making it. This one looks the best by far! I will be giving it to my Portal loving friend for Christmas :D

Christian H (2011-12-28 14:48:58): I’ve looked at soo many other ones and this is by far my favorite! It’s neat, tidy, and not lumpy! I’m having a problem though. I can’t open the pattern. It’s not a problem with the pattern, it’s just that my computer opens it in an html format, which I can’t read. I don’t know what to do with that. Could you please email me the pattern? PRETTY PLEASE!

Enphra (2012-02-16 03:09:41): Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! I was wondering what kind of stitch you use to sew the light gray corners onto the dark gray ones? I just can’t get em to look as neat as the example pictures. :(

Beverley (2012-02-18 12:09:45): It was a while ago that I made this, so I'm not exactly sure what I did. I generally tend to just tack things together with a basic sort of running stitch though. I used light grey wool and just tried to hide the stitches in the last row of crochet around the light corner itself probably. Sorry not to be more help, good luck. :)

Beverley (2012-02-18 12:23:46): Hey Christian, I just emailed you the pattern. Sorry it took me so long :)

Enphra (2012-02-18 22:55:19): All right, I'll just keep trying things out until it looks good then, thanks for your answer. :)

Alexia (2012-04-07 12:49:32): Ahh I've been trying to crochet this, but i can't seem to figure out how to do the corners D:

Patricia (2012-04-30 14:36:37): On the pattern for the dark grey corners what is 3cs? The rest of the pattern uses all sc ; did you mean sc? I found instructions on how to do a cluster stitch which is abbreviated cs but its used for decreasing, not increasing.

Jason (2012-06-16 19:42:00): What is 3cs? I tried doing it as a cluster stitch and it ended up coming out very wrong but trying it with single crochet also came out wrong.

Paula (2012-06-20 09:38:20): This would make a great tissue box cover. Although the shape would be off a bit but you could add spacers. Can you tell I have been on a functional only kick here latly? I have way too many cute things just sitting around!

kat (2012-09-03 05:47:51): I have the same problem. the darkgrey edges are coming out wrong everytime. they are like a big circle with some little edges. thats not how they supposed to be mh? (; I would LOVE to do this but I don’t get how you did the edges. it would be awesome if you would answer me. thanks alot Kdot.

Brandy (2012-10-22 06:44:16): I love this! What adjustments would I have to make to make a large one, like 10 inches high?

red (2012-11-17 17:58:12): aaaaAHHHH I CAN'T GET THE LIGHT GREY CORNERS RIGHT

Heather (2012-11-30 05:45:14): Husband says this is perfect and that I must make one for daughter. They play the game together and have lots of fun. Thanks so much for sharing.

Laura (2013-03-22 09:43:24): I'm also wondering what "cs" is in the section for the dark corners. I haven't gotten to the 12 edge pieces yet, so I don't know what problems I may encounter there, but I can't figure out whether cs is a typo or some special corner stitch that isn’t detailed in the instructions. Please advise!!

Beverley (2013-04-21 14:05:05): Gosh, sorry everyone. I didn’t realise the massive repeated typo in my pattern. “3cs” should read “3sc”, so just 3 x single crochet in the same stitch. It’s been a long time since I made this so I’m afraid I can’t really offer much of a troubleshooting guide.

Tamara - Moogly (2013-06-25 04:18:46): This is fab! I featured the cube this morning on Moogly - Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!

Crystal (2013-07-04 11:12:12): Can someone please help me? I've gotten to the part where you make the light grey corners and I get confused at step 3: "ch1, (sc, 3sc, sc) around (15 sts). Sl to join." Does this mean the pattern goes ch1, (sc, 3sc, sc), (sc, 3sc, sc), (sc, 3sc, sc), (sc, 3sc, sc), Sl OR ch1, sc, 3sc, sc, 3sc, sc, 3sc, sc, 3sc, sc, ect., Sl

Tsukeeno's (2013-07-15 12:10:07): Wow, that looks AWESOME!!! I know it's been posted a long time ago, but I had to say it. Congratulations, you are great! ^.^ And @Crystal, it has to be the first one: ch1, (sc, 3sc, sc), (sc, 3sc, sc), (sc, 3sc, sc), (sc, 3sc, sc), Sl it’s the only way to end up with 15 stitches :)

Corey (2014-04-29 14:26:53): My apologies, I realize this post is several years old, but I would love to make this. It appears there's no longer a PDF link to click through to, unless I'm blind.

Sarah (2014-07-31 20:01:54): Could you email me the pattern? I want I make it as a baby gift for my cousin

Beverley (2014-09-09 19:58:21): Hi, pattern is linked above it's just hard to see because I really need to modify my blog style to highlight links. Here is is again: /wp-content/uploads/2010/09/CompanionCubeFixed.pdf

Beverley (2014-09-09 19:59:55): Hey, sorry for the lack of response. I'm well out of the habit of looking after my site. The pattern is linked just about the images. It is impossible to see as it’s not highlighted as a link in anyway. Next mission is to get to a computer and fix that. Anyway, here’s the link again: