My first commissioned crochet project

Recently, I’ve become addicted to crochet. It all started after watching an episode of Firefly. Jane recieved a present of a knitted orange hat with ear flaps. Suddenly I had an urge to knit. So I started knitting a really ugly brown scarf. It still isn’t finished and that was months ago. I couldn’t stand the monotony of knitting. I tried spicing it up by having a go at knitting a hat on circular kneedles. I finished that hat but it wasn’t a particularly fun process. And with that my affair with knitting was over. But I still wanted to make some wicked woollen clothing and accessories. So I decided to learn to crochet.

I started with some basic baby booties, because I was looking for a quick and easy project. Four pairs of booties later I was hooked (and had managed to freak out my fiance). I made a green hat next, though it was disappointing as I messed up the size. Then I experimented with granny squares in stylish greys. Granny squares are great and all, but so many colour changes leave so many loose ends. I don’t like dealing with loose ends, they take too long to weave away. So my next project was another hat. This time made using granny square stitches. It worked really well and it’s the first thing I’ve made that I’ve worn out in public.

Anyway, that’s the not so brief history of my crochet hobby. A couple of weeks ago, my Grandpa came around for lunch and saw some crochet books that I had borrowed from the library. “Crochet Bags” was one of them. Nothing in it had really tickled my fancy but my Grandpa asked me to make a bag for his friend. He picked out an ugly looking one from the book but I vito-ed that. I then spent some quality time with google and found this awesome bag pattern:

I changed the pattern a bit, used a smaller hook and just increased the number of stitched in every direction. This is the final product: